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  •     The Green Paper is a starting point towards increased sustainability of plastics.
  •     Landfill ban, specific plastics waste recycling targets and eco-design are great solutions to increase recycling.
  •     More plastics recycling will increase resource efficiency, create green jobs and reduce our environmental impact.

The PET recycling industry is threatened by persistent structural market failures
across Europe.

PET Value Chain: Unlocking the Potential From feedstock availability to end-use applications: addressing challenges and highlighting opportunities

The 7th Environment Action Programme is going in the right direction to push plastics recycling according to Plastics Recyclers Europe.

Ton Emans, EuPR President, said that “the targets set by this new EAP to 2020 will trigger the right conditions to boost plastics recycling in Europe. This will enable improved resource efficiency, allow sustainable economic growth and create green jobs”.

Plastics recycling will continue to grow; it was confirmed during this year EuPR Annual Meeting, which took place on 21st and 22nd of November in Brussels.