Projects in which Plastics Recyclers Europe is involved:

It is a project which aims at developing a European certification. Its aim is to recognize and accredit plastic recyclers whose activity complies with high quality standards and respects environment. This project is sponsored by European Commission under the Eco-Innovation Programme. Click here to read more about this project.
European PET Bottle Platform is a project whose aim is to evaluate packaging technologies and products for PET bottles as well as to enhance its innovation while minimising the economic and environmental consequences for PET recycling in Europe. It promotes PET recyclability.
SDS - R 
It is a tool which was introduced in order to enable recyclers to achieve REACH Regulation compliance. It consists of a database of polymers and additives.
  The project is an initiative to establish a European platform for stakeholders aiming to show how the concept of circular economy can be enhanced and stimulated through: reduction or elimination of waste, fostering systemic eco-innovation and generating new business opportunities. The main goal of the project is to mobilise stakeholders towards building a European Near-Zero Waste Platform.
The aim of this project is to introduce regulation which would allow plastic recyclers in Europe to recycle non-food plastics waste into
food contact plastic. As many countries outside EU countries do not have such limitation, this is a great disadvantage for the European recyclers. The project presents various solutions (including new technologies in plastic recycling) in order to change this situation.

It is a project which aim is to develop a new moulding technology which would be cost-effective and would lead to manufacturing high value, complex recycled polymer products which would have similar or identical mechanical properties as virgin polymers.

The recycling processes for polystyrene are not yet well developed in comparison to the existing reprocessing and remanufacturing of other polymers. Hence, the aim of this project is to develop an environmentally friendly technique to process polystyrene waste into a high quality product which would be comparable to the virgin polymer.


Plastic packaging recycling does not begin with collection but design. Careless design often leads to leftover residue in epmptied packages. Ill-prepared combinations of polymers and materials in packaging can create incompatibilities with efficient recycling processes. RecyClass aim is to verify the level of recyclability of a plastic packaging.
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MARine Litter in Europe Seas: Social Awareness and CO-ResponsibilityThie aim of this proposal is to raise social awareness about marine litter including problems and potential solutions related to the threats for marine habitat.


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Organisers of the Plastics Recycling Show Europe have announced the speaker line-up for the event’s free-to attend conference taking place at the RAI Amsterdam on 24 and 25 April 2018.

The shortlist for the first Plastics Recycling Awards Europe has been published.